Logistics industry clearing and working capital optimization

Tackled problems: Especially many carriers live from hand to mouth

Kentra's offers a working capital solution that allows carriers and forwarders to improve their margins simultaneously, making logistics more profitable

Kentra facilitates successful trade relationships by mediating the financing of approved receivables

At the intersection of finance and supply chain management, Kentra offers logistics industry clearing and working capital optimization. Not only can carriers and forwarders reduce their transaction costs and administrative effort, but also improve their margins simultaneously. Kentra ensures that carriers receive their cash faster, without requiring forwarders to pay early. Therefore, to optimise payment in road freight, Kentra, based on the tried and tested methods of Supply Chain Finance (SCF), initially mediates the financing of approved receivables. In an environment with intense competition, a working capital solution that fosters profitability and cooperation is especially valuable. The carrier must finance the payment period anyway. The incorporation of the forwarder (invoice approval) enables him to use forwarder’s generally better credit score to do so. The funds are provided by independent third parties that receive interest.

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